Delivering the Right Solution for You

Our primary objective is to provide the right tools to make sure your pricing strategies and tactics are serving the organization’s needs. To do this we offer different ways to engage with us.

We Do It You Do It
Pricing Gurus delivers a complete pricing analysis for your new product, existing product portfolio or proposal.  We work with you all the way from market evaluation to pricing launch. Pricing Gurus will teach you and your organization on the fundamentals of our pricing approach.  We do this through a series of in-house interactive courses or on-line webinars.
We can also split up the tasks – you do some, Pricing Gurus handles the rest.


Talks and Seminars

  • Pricing Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them –  This is a high level overview of our pricing methodologies and includes guidance on how to avoid many of the common pricing errors companies make.  This typically takes 60 to 90 minutes.
  • Scientific Pricing Seminar – This is an interactive session which goes into the details of our research processes, pricing strategies and product marketing considerations.  This can vary in length depending on depth of knowledge required.

Please contact us to get more details on these talks and seminars.