Work We’ve Done

Pricing Guru Mike Pritchard has delivered pricing recommendations and strategies through consulting and training to both large enterprises and smaller businesses.  He has taught pricing at the University of Washington, Western Washington, Bellevue College, and to entrepreneurs and business people in Oregon and Washington.

“That was a great presentation… makes us small biz types think for a minute before we blast out pricing.”      Lem Putnam, President, Computer Troubleshooters


Some Sample Projects:

  • New transportation service introduction in India.  We investigated the current situation, needs, desires and barriers, and in addition determined pricing for the  basic service and options. Acceptable price ranges varied in the different cities because of cost of living and income as well as competition with alternatives.  We provided a tool that allowed adjustments for level of interest and purchase likelihood with adjustable parameters to model predicted versus stated.
  • A pricing study for an existing free service for smartphones allowed the company to demonstrate the potential for charging for the service.  They were able to provide ample evidence that supported the company being acquired.
  • As part of a market feasibility study for a product designed for use in parks and beaches, pricing research gave the information needed for a go/no-decision to complete development and seek further investment.